Wallet Risk Checker (BEI™ API)

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Efficiently monitor wallet risk! Use AI to assess wallet risk scores, gather attribution data, and detect suspicious activities. Ensure your transactions remain secure and compliant.

Wallet Risk Checker (BEI™ API) is an AI/ML-powered solution that allows developers, investigators, and compliance officers to manage risk in Web3 applications/projects. When a wallet comes to your application for a transaction, how do we make sure this is not a sanctioned individual, hacker, scammer, or other bad actor?

Our API enables users to quickly and easily access accurate, live risk scores, attribution data, sanctions information, and more for the purposes of screening transactions, and meeting anti-money laundering and counter-finance of terrorism (AML/CFT) compliance regulatory requirements from day one.

Getting Started

To start using our API, you can choose from two methods to make your requests. Please replace with your actual API key in the URLs below.

Method 1:
Use this command to request via our QuickNode endpoint:

curl "<apikey>/address_label?proto=eth&address=0xd90e2f925da726b50c4ed8d0fb90ad053324f31b"

Method 2:
Alternatively, you can use our Wallet Risk Checker (BEI™ API) endpoint with the following command:

curl "<apikey>"

For more detailed information about using the API, please refer to the BEI Documentation

Supported Chains

BNB Smart Chain
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Polygon / MATIC
XRP Ledger

Published on May 7, 2024

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BEI provides comprehensive risk assessments for wallet addresses and transactions across more than 20 blockchains, covering a wide variety of tokens, including NFTs.
Wallet Risk Assessment
Our risk scores, powered by AI and diverse intelligence sources, update in real-time to promptly identify risks from sanctions, unusual transaction behaviors, and criminal activities.
Wallet Risk Activity
Our API offers immediate insights into suspicious activities and dark web associations, equipping you to effectively monitor and mitigate potential threats.
Sanction Coverage
We maintain an extensive coverage of public sanction databases, including US OFAC, United Nations, European Union, Canadian, UK, Swiss, and Australian lists, to ensure compliance and enable informed global transaction monitoring.