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by Traceye
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Enterprise-grade infrastructure for The Graph’s data indexing protocol provides an easy, predictable and smooth experience for Blockchain Indexing using subgraphs.

Index and query blockchain data at high speed with enterprise grade infrastructure with features like :
- Ultrafast indexing with minimal data lag
- Zero Maintenance : No need to worry about node maintenance
- High Availability with 99.99% uptime
- Easily migrate subgraphs from other platforms
- Enjoy value added services on top of your standard subgraphs like Webhooks, metrics etc.

Getting Started

  1. Logging from Quicknode, user will be redirected to the Subgraph dashboard screen where user can view a list of all existing subgraphs, along with other usage statistics such as Total API Units vs Consumed API units etc.
  2. Click on the 'Create Subgraph' button the top right of the screen to open Subgraph form. In case of multiple endpoints, a pop-up will open first for user to select the appropriate endpoint.
  3. Enter valid details in the subgraph form and Click on 'Add Subgraph' button. After successful Authentication user should be able to launch Subgraph & will be redirected to the details page.
  4. The subgraph details page includes information such as the Creation date, RPC Endpoint & Workspace. You can view the API units consumed and other request stats. Also you can view the Subgraph Query URL , and the Subgraph Deployment Command , which user needs to deploy the subgraph.
  5. The subgraph details page includes information such as the latest & current block Sync Status.
  6. Use the Query URL to query Subgraph database
  7. Click on the Log button to view & filter subgraph related logs

For more information, refer to Traceye's documentation on Hosted Subgraphs.

Supported Chains

BNB Smart Chain
Ethereum logo
Optimistic Ethereum
Polygon / MATIC

Published on Dec 1, 2023

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Plans & features

Starter - $69/month
  • Starter - $69/month
  • Starter with Webhooks - $89/month
  • Launch - $207/month
  • Launch with Webhooks - $267/month
  • Scale - $414/month
  • Scale with Webhooks - $534/month
Enterprise Sales
Rate Limit - 15 Queries/Second
Maximum no. of GraphQL queries that will be catered by the system in one second.
1 Subgraph
API Units - 10 Million
One GraphQL Query consumes 20 API Units
550K Entities