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Single Flight RPC

by QuickNode

This add-on bundles up multiple RPC calls into a single call so you don't have to iterate through blocks, transactions or receipts!Using either of these methods will cost 1 API credit per call.

Single flight RPC implements retries in each request when needed, while allowing you to get the block and transaction information in only one call.

It conforms to the RPC spec and fulfills block traces faster than calling the RPC directly.

It supports returning all tx's in a block with a single call. Enjoy!

Using either of these methods will cost 1 API credit per call.

Base - $19/month
  • Base - $19/month
  • Get blocks+ transactions in one request

    With qn_getBlockWithReceipts you'll get a full block and every transaction with receipts in a single method call. With automatic retries and more.

  • Two new RPC methods

    Save time and compute by using a single method to collect all receipts in a block. Use qn_getBlockWithReceipts and qn_getReceipts!

  • Multi-chain availability

    Available for many different chains allowing you to get the most from your account.

2 RPC Methods Included Chain & Network support
  • Arbitrum

    arbitrum-mainnet, arbitrum-goerli, and arbitrum-testnet

  • Arbitrum Nova


  • Avalanche

    avalanche-mainnet and avalanche-testnet

  • Binance Smart Chain

    bsc and bsc-testnet

  • Celo


  • Ethereum logo

    mainnet, ropsten, ethereum-goerli, kovan, and rinkeby

  • Fantom


  • Gnosis


  • Optimistic Ethereum

    optimism and optimism-goerli

  • Polygon / MATIC

    matic and matic-testnet

Add-on Information

Developer: QuickNode

Published: 5 months ago

Support email: support@quiknode.io

Support website: https://support.quicknode.com/