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The Crossmint NFT Mint API allows you to create and send NFTs to your users with a single line of code, even if they don’t have a crypto wallet. Use it to create NFT tickets, loyalty cards, rewards, certification.

Crossmint’s minting API makes it easy to create and send NFTs to your customers, wherever they are. Access and onboard your web2 customers with NFT email delivery – we create a custodial wallet for them on the fly so they can access all of your offerings. But don’t worry, we also let you meet your existing web3 customers where they are on the blockchain!
Ship in minutes instead of months, with no crypto required! Our powerful API is capable of managing the end to end lifecycle of your NFT project: Simple and secure creation of NFTs via audited smart contracts. Editing data post mint, and burning NFTs on user actions. Managing marketplace listings. All through our powerful API.

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Published on Sep 22, 2022

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Plans & features

Devnet basic - $0/month
  • Devnet basic - $0/month
Enterprise Sales
Create and send NFTs with a single RPC request
Create an NFT, upload metadata to IPFS, pin it, and deliver it to a user, all in a single API call, without worrying about smart contract development, security audits, or dealing with crypto and gas fees.
Easily manage collections
Create and manage collections to partition and version your NFT drops. Each collection abstraction is tied to its own contract, which you own and control.
Deliver NFTs to existing wallets, or create them on the fly
If your users have an existing wallet, we deliver it to them. If they don’t, we create custodial wallets on the fly, attached to an email address, so users can sign in to view their NFTs, manage them or export them to their own wallet, for free. Our custodial wallets support wallet connect and QR code based token gating.
Chain support
Currently the minting API supports Solana Devnet. Solana mainnet and Polygon will be launching in mid-October. Follow our twitter at @crossmint_io for updates!
500 mints per month
This API and plan is for Solana devnet. It allows you to mint up to 500 NFTs per month.