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Luabase SQL API

by Luabase

Luabase is the modern data stack for web3 teams. We make it easy to query any blockchain with SQL, analyze it in notebooks, and embed the data in your app with our API.

Luabase is analytics infrastructure for crypto. We make it easy for developers to embed blockchain analytics in their own apps or data scientists to run ML / analytics in their tool of choice (e.g. Jupyter Notebooks, Google Sheets, etc.). Queries run blazing fast and you can execute SQL across blockchains. We already support Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Bitcoin, Fantom and Solana with more chains coming soon!

Free - $0/month
  • Free - $0/month
  • Starter - $500/month
  • Pro - $1,000/month
  • Team - $2,500/month
  • Enterprise - $5,000/month
  • Query API

    Our core API which allows you to query the blockchain with SQL. You can return thousands or millions of rows of data in one call.

  • Direct Connect

    Ability to connect directly to Luabase. This allows you to query Luabase from business intelligence tools and and other products that support JDBC connections.

  • Destinations

    Allows you to send Luabase data to various destinations like S3, Google Sheets, Slack and more. Free plans only support Discord and Google Sheets.

  • No Row Query Limit

    No limits on number of rows returned in API calls

  • Up to 5 concurrent queries

    Perform as many as 5 Luabase queries concurrently.

Chain & Network support
  • Avalanche

    avalanche-mainnet and avalanche-testnet

  • Bitcoin


  • Ethereum logo

    mainnet and ethereum-goerli

  • Fantom


  • Polygon / MATIC

    matic and matic-testnet

  • Solana


Add-on Information

Developer: Luabase

Published: 5 months ago

Support email: hello@luabase.com

Support website: https://docs.luabase.com