BTC Blockbook JSON-RPC

by QuickNode
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Additional credit usage.
Add-on may consume additional plan credits when used.

Get access to balances, transactions, and UTXOs for addresses or xpubs via JSON-RPC. Adds 10 new methods.

We've taken the Blockbook REST API and made it available via JSON-RPC. This is the best way to get indexed data for UTXO chains like Bitcoin.

This add-on uses 20 credits per method call, 10 credit for the bb_* namespaced call, and another for an underlying REST API call to the server.

Docs available at

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Published on Mar 3, 2023

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Plans & features

Starter - $75/month
  • Starter - $75/month
  • Basic - $149/month
  • Pro - $799/month
  • Business - $2,999/month
Enterprise Sales
500,000 Requests Per Month
Up to 500,000 requests per month.
Get transactions for any address
Including balances, transactions are sorted by block height, newest blocks first.
Get transactions for any xpub
Or output descriptor. This add-on supports BIP44, BIP49, BIP84 and BIP86 (Taproot) derivation schemes, using either xpubs or output descriptors.
Get UTXOs for any address or xpub
Query for transaction outputs of address or xpub. The list contains both confirmed and unconfirmed transactions. You can also filter out unconfirmed transactions.