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Blockbook RPC Add-On

by QuickNode

Get access to balances, transactions, and UTXOs for addresses or xpubs via JSON-RPC. Adds 3 new methods.

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This add-on is currently in beta!
We've taken the Blockbook REST API and made it available via JSON-RPC. This is the best way to indexed data for UTXO chains like Bitcoin.

Full documentation coming soon.
Starter - $50/month
  • Starter - $50/month
  • Basic - $149/month
  • Pro - $799/month
  • Business - $2,999/month
  • Get transactions for any address

    Including balances, transactions are sorted by block height, newest blocks first.

  • Get transactions for any xpub

    Or output descriptor. This add-on supports BIP44, BIP49, BIP84 and BIP86 (Taproot) derivation schemes, using either xpubs or output descriptors.

  • Get UTXOs for any address or xpub

    Query for transaction outputs of address or xpub. The list contains both confirmed and unconfirmed transactions. You can also filter out unconfirmed transactions.

  • Up to 500,000 requests/month

    Send 500k method calls per month with no per-second rate limit.

3 RPC Methods Included Chain & Network support
  • Bitcoin

    btc and btc-testnet

Add-on Information

Developer: QuickNode

Published: 20 days ago

Support email: support@quicknode.com

Support website: https://support.quicknode.com/hc/en-us