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Gas Estimation API

by Blocknative

Gas Platform harnesses real-time global mempool data infrastructure to accurately and consistently estimate Ethereum transaction fees. This provides builders & traders with an up-to-the-moment gas fee API.

Blocknative's Gas Estimation RPC leverages Blocknative's real-time global mempool data platform to inspect all public pending Ethereum or Polygon transactions to accurately predict the minimum gas price required for next-block confirmation. Blocknative's Gas Estimation RPC uses an advanced machine learning model to accurately predict gas prices and makes predictions based on block number rather than time. The RPC endpoint will return gas estimation confidence levels, giving you and your users precise control over transaction fees.
Quicknode-Tier-1 - $50/month
  • Prototype - $5/month
  • Quicknode-Tier-1 - $50/month
  • Real-time Mempool Data

    Gas Platform is an industry leading product that leverages real-time mempool data to predict the gas price required to get into the next block.

  • For Production Use

    Meant for production use.

  • Updated once every 1 second

    Gas Estimation predictions are updated once every 1 second. If you call the endpoint more than once every 1 second, we will continue to serve you the same response until the data is updated again.

  • 6 Requests per second

    If you call the endpoint more than 6 times a second we will start returning a 429 error.

1 RPC Method Included
  • bn_gasPrice ( arg1 )

    User should pass in params chainId=1 for ETH mainnet and chainId=137 for Polygon. { "jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 1, "method": "bn_gasPrice", "params": [ { "chainid": 1 } ] }

Chain & Network support
  • Polygon / MATIC


  • Ethereum logo


Add-on Information

Developer: Blocknative

Published: 6 months ago

Support email: support@blocknative.com

Support website: https://discord.gg/Q4Q5HkFB