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Preview exact transaction outcomes, avoid failed or malicious transactions, and save valuable funds. Simulate the execution of one-off and bundled transactions on major EVM chains.

Use Tenderly’s Simulation RPC to simulate the outcomes of your transactions without deploying them to the blockchain. By simulating transactions before sending them on-chain, you can avoid unexpected failures, detect unwanted consequences, and save valuable resources.

With the Simulation RPC, you can know exactly what’s going to happen with your transactions. Run a transaction simulation to get an overview of the expected asset and balance changes, gas consumption, and other relevant transaction parameters.

Additionally, you can use the Simulation RPC to run both individual, one-off transaction simulations and simulation bundles:
- tenderly_simulateTransaction runs an individual simulation and returns a detailed response.
- tenderly_simulateBundle runs a bundle of interconnected simulations using a single request.

Always send transactions with confidence with Tenderly’s Simulation RPC.

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Published on Jan 22, 2024

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Dev - $800/month
  • Dev - $800/month
  • Pro - $1,400/month
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Up to 1 requests per second.
2,592,000 Requests Per Month
Up to 2,592,000 requests per month.
Transaction Simulator
Tenderly Simulation API enables you to run transaction simulations programmatically. Integrate Transaction Simulator into your workflow and fork any Tenderly-supported network. This way, you can automate your development process and boost team efficiency. For instance, you can use Simulation API to integrate a testing environment and run batched simulations for a more efficient testing process.