Expand Lend & Borrow API

by Expand.Network
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Starting at $39.00
This add-on is currently in Beta

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Efficiently access multiple lending protocols through one single endpoint, including Aave V2, Aave V3, and Compound on Ethereum Mainnet.

Source full price discovery for assets from lending protocols and chains.
Transact with the best price or the venue of your choice.
Seamlessly manage your positions, including monitoring positions and rates, adjusting positions, and executing migrations from Aave V2 to Aave V3.
Direct access to DeFi protocols with no spreads or extra fees on transactions.

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Published on Mar 21, 2024

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Plans & features

MAINNET 30,000 - $39/month
  • MAINNET 30,000 - $39/month
  • MAINNET 100,000 - $79/month
Enterprise Sales
Maximize Returns
Get the best returns for your assets by comparing pricing from multiple lending protocols, including Aave V2, Aave V3, and Compound.
Seamless Migration
Transition seamlessly from Aave V2 to Aave V3 with just a few hits. Our add-on simplifies the migration process, allowing you to take advantage of the latest features and optimizations without any disruptions.
Competitive Liquidity Deployment
Deploy your liquidity with confidence and compete for the highest yields in the market.
No Middleman Fee
Enjoy direct API access to DeFi protocols with no extra spreads or fees on transactions.
Flexible Plans
Pick the plan with the request quantity that fits your needs.