Aggregated DEX API

by Expand.Network
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expand's Aggregated DEX API provides connectivity across the major decentralized exchanges[Uniswapv2,UniswapV3, Sushiswap, Curve, Balancer] available on the Ethereum chain.

Using this API users will be able to fetch the quotes for a swap to make informed decisions and also perform the swaps directly along with methods that support addition and removal of liquidity in a specified pool.

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Published on Oct 12, 2023

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Plans & features

MAINNET 30,000 - $39/month
  • MAINNET 30,000 - $39/month
  • MAINNET 100,000 - $79/month
Enterprise Sales
Aggregated Swaps from major DEXs
Get aggregated quotes and prepared transactions from various DEXs in a single response, sorted as per best price and lowest fees.
Chain support
This add-on supports Ethereum mainnet.
Get user and pool liquidity with a single API
Effortlessly access both the user's and pool's liquidity at any specific moment, empowering you to make informed decisions without the burden of manually scanning extensive details from various sources.
Add and Remove liquidity with a single API
Easily and effortlessly add or remove liquidity from a designated pool address on a specific DEX, without the need to handle complex smart contract interactions on your own.
30,000 requests per month
This API and plan is for Ethereum mainnet. It allows you to make 30,000 requests per month.