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Endpoint Armor allows you to expose your QuickNode endpoint in client-side code more safely using rate limiting and configurable RPC method limits

No longer jump through hoops to protect your endpoint in client-side code. Endpoint Armor give you a secure URL that lets you control access and set rate limits. These rate limits can be set globally, per unique visitor, and for specific methods, making your endpoint more secure and easier to manage. With Endpoint Armor, you can also restrict methods to specific tasks, such as accessing only recent blocks or certain smart contracts, further securing your endpoint.

Standard QuickNode URLs will continue to operate as usual, ensuring uninterrupted service for regular use. The configuration will only be applied to the provided secure URL from the Endpoint Armor dashboard.

Getting Started

Visit the dashboard and enable your endpoint, this will enable a secure URL and basic configuration. Configure your endpoint's secure URL to fit your security needs. Use the secure URL in your applications for secure, limited access to your endpoint.

Supported Chains

Arbitrum Nova
BNB Smart Chain
Ethereum logo
Optimistic Ethereum
Polygon / MATIC
Polygon zkEVM
XRP Ledger

Published on Dec 5, 2023

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  • Free - $0/month
Enterprise Sales
Visitor rate limits
Rate limit your endpoint by unique website visitor using seconds, minutes, or hourly rates.
Method Allowlist
Enable only certain RPC methods to limit the attack surface for exploiters
Method specific limits
Limit certain method interactions by block number, latest blocks, or certain smart contracts
Global rate limits
Globally rate limit your endpoint by seconds, minutes, or hourly rates.