Discounted DeFi & Community Subgraphs

by Traceye
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Starting at $51.00
This add-on is currently in Beta

Feel free to test it, we would appreciate feedback to address any errors that may occur

DeFi & Community Subgraphs deployed and managed by Traceye. The subgraphs are for some of the most popular smart-contracts across multiple public chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Gnosis etc. These include most popular DeFi & Dapp protocols such as Uniswap, Aave, Compound, ENS etc.Community Subgraphs by Traceye are heavily discounted. Depending the the Subgraph it can be anywhere from 2 to 50 times cost effective as compared to other similar platforms.

These Subgraphs come with value added features such as :
1. Webhooks
2. Notifications, versioning & logs
3. Indexing insights
4. One click launch, instantaneous Query Ready with no wait time.

Getting Started

  1. Logging from Quicknode, user will be redirected to the Subgraph dashboard screen where user can view a list of all existing subgraphs, along with other usage statistics such as Total API Units vs Consumed API units etc.
  2. Click on the 'Add Subgraph' button the top right of the screen, you'll get 3 options namely, 'Create New', 'Import Existing' and 'Launch Community'. Click on 'Launch Community' option.
  3. A modal will appear, displaying a list of community subgraphs. From this list, select your desired subgraph and proceed by clicking the "Activate" button to initiate the activation process for the chosen community subgraph. Upon successful activation, you'll be directed to the dedicated dashboard for the chosen community subgraph.
  4. The subgraph details page includes information such as the Synchronization status, Query URL, API Units stats, option for Webhook config, Logs and Settings.
  5. Use the Query URL to query Subgraph database
  6. Click on the Log button to view & filter subgraph related logs
  7. For more information, refer to Traceye's documentation on Community Subgraphs.

Supported Chains

BNB Smart Chain
Ethereum logo
Optimistic Ethereum
Polygon / MATIC
Polygon zkEVM

Published on Apr 18, 2024

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Plans & features

Starter - $51/month
  • Starter - $51/month
  • Starter with Webhooks - $72/month
  • Scale - $204/month
  • Scale with Webhooks - $288/month
  • Business - $408/month
  • Business with Webhooks - $576/month
Enterprise Sales
1 Community Subgraph
API Units - 10 Million
One GraphQL Query consumes 20 API Units
Rate Limit - 15 Queries/Second
Maximum no. of GraphQL queries that will be catered by the system in one second.
No limit on Storage Entities
DeFi Subgraphs - Aave V2 ETH, Compound V3 ETH, Uniswap V3 Polygon, Uniswap V3 Optimism, Premia-Blue Arbitrum One, Aave V3 Fantom, Uniswap V3 ETH
Dapp Subgraphs - ENS Ethereum, GBC Bridge Gnosis