Dedicated Graph Nodes for Enterprises

by Traceye
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Starting at $1,450.00
This add-on is currently in Beta

Feel free to test it, we would appreciate feedback to address any errors that may occur

Enterprise Grade Dedicated Graph nodes with complete Node and Subgraph management. These nodes are perfect fit for indexing Appchains & Rollups or Enterprise looking for seamless experience with :

1. Unlimited Subgraphs
2. Unlimited API calls coupled with no bars on API throughput.
3. And finally no limits on Storage Entities.

Since these nodes are designed for Enterprises, they come with :
- 24/7 Resource monitoring
- Real-time data analytics
- Enterprise Grade Security
- Zero Maintenance
- 99.99 % Uptime
- Value Added Features

Traceye Dedicated Graph Nodes come with Value added features -

1. Notifications, Logs & Versioning
2. Import Subgraphs
3. One-click deployment of Token & NFT subgraphs
- ERC 20, ERC 721 & ERC 1155 token subgraphs
4. Other mgmt. tools like - Insights, Entity tracking etc.

Track CPU, RAM & Storage Utilization

1. Webhooks (get near realtime data-feeds directly in your app)
2. Direct DB access
3. Custom Entities
4. Automated Pruning (for storage & Performance optimization)
- Ledger Data pruning
- Indexed Data Pruning

Getting Started

Upon successful subscription, navigate to the Graph Node Dashboard.

Step 1: On dashboard, you'll see a Node visible, corresponding to the node you purchased.If it is not visible, wait for few minutes after purchase and then refresh.
Step 2: Select the Node & Fill in the network details as per your requirement and clicking the "Deploy" button to initiate the activation process for the dedicated graph node.
Step 3: Upon successful activation, user will be directed to the graph node details screen. This dashboard provides comprehensive insights into the Node Details & its current Status (initialized, Live, Updating, Deleted) and functionality through various tabs:
General: This section displays key information about the Node, including its name, API key, created on, Deployed on statistics.
Status: This section displays the current status of the Node (initialized, Live, Updating, Deleted) & No. of subgraph contains within node.
Machine Configuration: This section displayed the machine Configuration.
Blockchain Networks: Display the list of created network under Node.
Analytics : This section provides real time monitoring and health status of the machine. You can check CPU, RAM and Storage utilization along with system Alerts in this section.
Step 5: Upon successful activation, the node setup will commence.

Step 6: Once the Node is successfully deployed then Node status will changed from “Initiated” to “Live” and you'll receive a notification for the same.

Step1: Once the Node is in ‘Live’ Status user can add any no. of ‘Hosted subgraph’ under node by clicking on “Add subgraph” button on the top right corner of the screen.
Step2: List of all the Created subgraph will be Displayed on the Node Dashboard.

Supported Chains

Arbitrum Nova
BNB Smart Chain
Ethereum logo
Immutable zkEVM
Polygon / MATIC
Polygon zkEVM

Published on Apr 18, 2024

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Plans & features

Basic - $1,450/month
  • Basic - $1,450/month
  • Standard - $1,700/month
  • Basic Plus - $2,000/month
  • Standard Plus - $2,250/month
  • Business - $3,250/month
  • Business Plus - $3,800/month
Enterprise Sales
16 TB Storage
30 TB Bandwidth
8 Cores (16 vCPUs)