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An industry-leading API that provides all current and historical wallet balances and transfers for ERC20, NFTs and native tokens. Wallet data is provided for 200+ blockchains including Ethereum, Solana*, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, Linea, BNB Chain and more.

Common use cases for Covalent's Wallet API include:
- Wallet & portfolio trackers
- Token gating
- Airdrop snapshots

This API handles up to 50 Requests Per Second (RPS) and has an average response time of <300ms.

* Only current wallet balances supported for Solana (no historical balances or transfers).

Note - by purchasing this add-on, you get access to ALL the other Covalent add-ons in the marketplace.

Getting Started

There are 3 primary developer tools for using the Wallet API:
1. Unified API - enterprise-grade endpoints to use with any programming language. Switch blockchains with one path parameter.

curl -X GET https://api.covalenthq.com/v1/eth-mainnet/address/demo.eth/balances_v2/ \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -u YOUR_API_KEY:

2. Client SDKs - official client libraries for TypeScript, Go and Python.

import { CovalentClient } from "@covalenthq/client-sdk";

(async () => {
   const client = new CovalentClient("YOUR_API_KEY");
   try {
    const transactions = client.TransactionService.getAllTransactionsForAddress("eth-mainnet", "demo.eth");

    for await (const tx of transactions) {
    console.log("tx", tx);
} catch (error) {

3. GoldRush Kit - beautifully designed React components for your dApp frontend
GoldRush Component Example

See the following links to our API Docs and Guides:
- API Docs: comprehensive knowledge base for all things Covalent
- Guides: learn how to build for various use cases and expand your onchain knowledge

Supported Chains

Arbitrum Nova
BNB Smart Chain
Ethereum logo
Optimistic Ethereum
Polygon zkEVM

Published on May 3, 2024

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Plans & features

Premium - $50/month
  • Premium - $50/month
  • Professional - $250/month
  • Platinum - $500/month
Enterprise Sales
All Token Balances (historical & current)
Includes ERC20, 721, 1155 and native tokens
50,000 API Credits Per Month
All Token Transfers
Full token transfer details with decoded log events and prices (spot & historical)
Multichain Support
Support for 200+ blockchains
Optimized for Key Use Cases
Wallets, portfolio trackers, token gating, airdrop snapshots