NFT Tracking, Ownership, and Analytics

by BlockchainAPI
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A comprehensive Solana NFT tracking and analysis tool offering real-time feeds, historical data, and true ownership identification for individual assets and entire collections.

This add-on serves as an advanced solution for Solana NFT tracking and analysis, offering in-depth insights into individual assets and entire collections.

Analytics and data retrievable with functions offered in this add-on include:
- Retrieve NFT metadata
- Retrieve the current state of an NFT (e.g., loaned, listed, auctioned, held, burned, fractionalized, raffled, etc.)
- Retrieve the true owner (i.e., the person with authority over the NFT)
- Retrieve the literal owner (i.e., the holder/escrow of the NFT)
- The current price of the NFT, if any
- NFTs held by a wallet
- A complete decoded history of transactions involving the NFT, all the way up to its minting

Furthermore, this add-on enables you to track NFTs to get real-time updates on their states. No webhooks required - simply call the tracking endpoint with the mint address and start receiving events in the queue. Pull and delete from the queue with simple API calls.

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Published on Feb 21, 2024

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Starter - $49/month
  • Starter - $49/month
  • Premium - $99/month
  • Pro - $499/month
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Up to 5 requests per second.
Dynamic NFT State Tracking
Monitor the current state of any NFT, whether it's loaned, fractionalized, listed for sale, or in an auction. Our solution offers dynamic tracking, giving you a complete view of an NFT's status at any given moment.
True Ownership Identification
Identify the true owner of an NFT, beyond just the nominal owner. This feature is critical for understanding the actual authority over the NFT, offering insights into control and governance aspects of digital assets. Naive methods for determining ownership will return an escrow account as the owner when the NFT is listed, loaned, fractionalized, or in some other non-holding state. The True Owner method returns the wallet that has genuine ownership over the asset.
In-Depth NFT Historical Insights
Gain a comprehensive view of an NFT's lineage, accessing its entire history decoded for clarity. This feature is crucial for enthusiasts and experts who value a detailed understanding of an NFT's journey and provenance, from its creation to its current status.
Real-Time NFT Valuation Data
Stay updated with the latest listing prices of NFTs. Our solution provides real-time price information, ensuring you are always informed about the current market value of your digital assets.
Track Entire Collections
With our tracking endpoints, you can follow the NFT states of entire collections. Simply call the `bca_NFTSubscribe` method on an NFT, and you will begin to receive new events regarding that NFT. This is more efficient than repeatedly calling `bca_NFTState`. It is also easy to set up - you simply call `bca_PullQueue` to retrieve all unread events, and update your local database with the most recent state of the NFT received in the queue. Our infrastructure scales to millions of NFTs.
10k NFTs Tracked
Subscribe to events for a maximum of 10,000 NFTs. Receive real-time, decoded and interpreted transactions in your queue.