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by QuickNode
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Run your own white-label ethereum block explorer powered by Otterscan

Host a branded Ethereum explorer with Otterscan - fast, private and enriched explorer UI for seamless blockchain interactions.

Comes with a dashboard for EIP-1559 fee burn, QR code scanning for address lookups, ENS support and more.

You can customize the look and feel as well by changing the logo used!

Getting Started


QuickNode introduces the Otterscan Addon, an open-source explorer User Interface (UI) for fast, private, and seamless blockchain interactions. This tool depends on ots_* RPCs of Erigon, and does not require a database or an indexer, making it an incredibly efficient and user-friendly tool.

How to Use QuickNode's Otterscan Addon

  1. Install the Otterscan Addon: The first step to using Otterscan is to install the addon. This process is straightforward and should take just a few seconds.

  2. Get the Explorer URL: The explorer URL is prefixed with your endpoint name. For instance, if your endpoint is https://[your-endpoint-name], then your Otterscan UI link will be https://[your-endpoint-name] You can grab this from the add-ons tab, like so:

Example of Access URL for Otterscan

With the above two steps, you'll have your personal, fast, and private Ethereum explorer up and running!

Supported Chains

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Published on Aug 2, 2023

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Plans & features

Base - $99/month
  • Base - $99/month
Enterprise Sales
Otterscan is an open-source explorer UI, allowing for community-driven improvements and adaptations
Otterscan depends on `ots_*` RPCs of Erigon, which means it takes advantage of the Erigon's robust and efficient functionality
No Database Required
Otterscan doesn't require a database to function, making it light, fast, and efficient
No Indexer Required
Unlike some explorers, Otterscan does not require an indexer. This means less setup and maintenance, making it a breeze to use