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Multi-region Transaction Broadcast

by QuickNode

Get your transaction sent to multiple regions in a single call with these two RPC methods. Using this method will cost 69 API credits per call.

Prevents common issues with single node transaction broadcasting where things like low peer counts, full mempools, and network issues, cause dropped transactions.

The multi-region transaction broadcast add on provides a JSON-RPC method that works exactly like eth_sendRawTransaction but guarantees your transaction is sent to multiple regions for the given chain.

Using this method will cost 69 API credits per call.

Base - $9/month
  • Base - $9/month
  • Mitigate dropped transactions

    Avoid issues with low peer counts, full mempools, dropped packets, and network issues.

  • Potentially faster transaction times

    With a global broadcast, you improve your chances of getting your transaction being seen by a miner.

  • Same API as eth_sendRawTransaction

    This is a drop in replacement for eth_sendRawTransaction that works with all major web3 SDKs, including ethers, web3js and web3py.

2 RPC Methods Included Chain & Network support
  • Arbitrum


  • Avalanche


  • Ethereum logo


  • Fantom


  • Polygon / MATIC


Add-on Information

Developer: QuickNode

Published: 9 months ago

Support email: support@quiknode.io

Support website: https://support.quicknode.com