Metis - Jupiter V6 Swap API

by QuickNode
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Make lightning fast calls to Jupiter swap API via their SDK with clear and reliable rate limits.

This add-on allows you to make full use of the easiest way for developers to access liquidity on Solana - Jupiter's V6 Swap API. Never worry about setting up or maintaining a server either with our rolling restarts and elite level latency. Markets and pools show up immediately.

This add-on will not use your account credits as it depends on it's own Solana validator node, segmented from our pro network for maximum reliability.

Get quotes controlling for slippage and platform fees, get swap transactions or instructions with custom priority fees, or token ledgers.

The entire Swap API available via REST. Currently running version v6.0.23 in Oracle Cloud us-ashburn-1!

Paid add-on users also unlock our enhanced APIs, such as:
- /price -
- /markets -
- /new-pools -
- Quote Websockets -
- Swap Websockets -

How to create a Solana Trading Bot using the Metis Add-on:

Getting Started

After you install the add-on, go to add-ons section of your endpoint and copy the url on the right side of the line that says "Metis - Jupiter V6 Swap API". Then simply make any valid REST request to that URL as documented here:

For the official Jupiter Docs for /swap, see here:
For the official Jupiter Docs for /price, see here:

To see your requests and more, click on the "Login" button below.

Supported Chains


Published on Jan 23, 2024

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Plans & features

Free - $0/month
  • Free - $0/month
  • Launch - $249/month
  • Orbit - $500/month
  • Moon - $1,199/month
  • Interstellar - $3,499/month
Enterprise Sales
10 RPS
Up to 10 requests per second.
Mandatory Platform Fee
All trades for free users have a mandatory 0.20% platform fee
Elite latency
Minimal latency to get quotes faster than a public API, response times typically < 100ms.
Fresh data
Markets and pools show up immediately due to our rolling restarts.
Get the individual instructions to perform the swap
Sometimes you prefer to compose using instructions instead of one transaction that is returned from the /swap endpoint. You can post to /swap-instructions instead, it takes the same parameters as the /swap endpoint.
Get Routes for a swap
Simply pass in the desired pairs, amount, and slippage, and the API will return the best route for your trade.
Get the serialized transactions to perform the swap
Once we have the quote, you can serialize the quote into a swap transaction that can be submitted on chain.