MEV protection & private reinforced transactions

by Merkle
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Protects all transactions against any kind of toxic MEV, such as sandwiches and front-running. Automatically reinforced transactions, reducing drop rates by 40%. Full privacy on-chain. Faster transactions by broadcasting directly to block builders. is a company that specializes in MEV. This add-on automatically routes your transactions through our protected, private-sensitive transaction network.

After installing this add-on all your transactions will automatically be protected from any kind of toxic MEV. In addition, we will reinforce transactions as needed, reducing drop rates in the public mempool. You will notice that your transactions are mined faster, more consistently as we advertise transactions directly to block builders.

Lastly, transactions going through our network have complete privacy until they are mined on the blockchain.

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Supported Chains

BNB Smart Chain
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Polygon / MATIC

Published on Jun 29, 2023

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  • Private Pool - $0/month
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MEV Protection
Protects transaction against all kind of toxic MEV, including sandwiches and generalized front-running.
Faster transactions
Transaction are sent directly to builders, and in most cases, are included in the very next block.
Transactions are private until they are mined, giving full privacy to your transactions.