Blink Gas Recovery

by Blink Labs
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Enable the free add-on, enter your wallet address, and start getting cashback on your gas fees via monthly payouts from Blink while simultaneously protecting your transactions.

Understanding Gas Fee Recoveries with Blink

Ethereum transactions necessitate the payment of gas fees, which are divided into two primary components:

* Base Fee: A mandatory charge determined by the network, fluctuating with demand to regulate transaction inclusion in a block.

* Priority Fee: An optional extra payment to validators / builders as an incentive for faster transaction processing.

How Blink Recovers Priority Fees

Blink currently processes 5% of Ethereum transactions & works closely with block builders responsible for including transactions in Ethereum blocks. Leveraging this scale along with our platform along the transaction lifecycle enables Blink to recover a portion of the "Priority Fees" without impacting latency.

Blink also protects your transaction from malicious MEV.

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Published on Apr 25, 2023

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Blink MEV Protection & Recovery - $0/month
  • Blink MEV Protection & Recovery - $0/month
Enterprise Sales
Frontrunning Protection
Safeguard your users: Our solution is designed to give your users peace of mind and protect their transactions from sandwich bots lurking in the mempool.
MEV Recovery
Unlock hidden value: Securely recover and return non-malicious MEV value to you and your customers while enhancing transaction safety. Simply provide a payment address to start receiving ETH recovered from eligible transactions.