Dynamic Address Risk Assessment API

by Polyzoa
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Secure your transactions by analyzing threats in real time.

Polyzoa is a security tool designed to protect your transactions. Unlike other security tools
that guard only against known dangers, Polyzoa’s DARA can also detect new types of
attacks or fraud before they occur. It achieves this by analyzing extensive volumes of on-
chain data generated by your target address in real time. It promptly flags anything
suspicious, including new addresses or those previously unrecognized, even in situations of
data scarcity.

What Polyzoa Does:

● Checks Risk Scores in Real Time: It constantly checks the safety score of any
address based on its most recent activities, helping you to stay ahead of potential
● Default Check Against Known Blacklists: In addition to providing a dynamic risk
score, it tells you whether the address has been flagged as risky by checking it
against a large database.
● Finds Scams and Attacks Early: Polyzoa can identify harmful schemes and attacks
quickly, reducing the chance of significant loss.
● Sees Beyond Simple Patterns: Polyzoa's engine is smart enough to recognize
dangers that other security tools might miss. It uses advanced machine learning
models trained on the on-chain data of thousands of malicious actors, capable of
detecting risky behavior before it causes harm.
● Be in control of your risks: You can decide how much risk you're willing to accept.
Based on your personalized threshold, choose to block only high-confidence threats
or get alerted about emerging threats early on
● Assesses Approval Risks: It can also check the risks involved when approving
transfers from third parties, helping to prevent misuse.
● Check your asset balance: check the health of your assets, identifying malicious or
spam tokens.

Polyzoa helps you stay safe with just one check, making it easier to keep your transactions
secure against both known and unknown threats.

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Published on Feb 26, 2024

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Get the risk score associate to an address
Returns a risk score for an address
Get the risk score associated with transfer approvals
Retrieve the transfer approvals granted by an address and calculate the risk score for each
Get the risk score associated with address's balance
Retrieve the tokens owned by an address and calculate the risk score for each