Address Appearances API

by TrueBlocks, LLC
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An EVM indexer proven to find more address appearances: build on complete data to precisely reconcile balances, track interactions, or unlock detailed insights for research.

This includes appearances found in regular transactions, internal transactions, token transfers, withdrawals, mining rewards, etc. We find up to significantly more appearances than other sources (such as Etherscan, for example, visit for details).

The Address Appearances API uses the index of appearances created by TrueBlocks Core, which publishes the index as a public good through the Unchained Index smart contract.

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Published on Mar 5, 2024

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Plans & features

Standard - $35/month
  • Standard - $35/month
Enterprise Sales
20 RPS
Up to 20 requests per second.
50,000,000 Requests Per Month
Up to 50,000,000 requests per month.
Access to all RPC Methods
Enhanced support (email, discord)
For individuals, smart contract devs, and data scientists
This offering easily supports most users. Query for the location of every appearance of your address anywhere on the chain. Download transaction histories for massive smart contracts such as UniSwap and GitCoin or for your personal DAO, smart contract, or EOA (externally owned address). This lightweight API allows you to very precisely query your regular RPC for exact details. No more scanning across blocks. Ask your RPC provider for exactly what you want.