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Token and NFT API v2 bundle

by QuickNode

New and improved! Get information about NFTs and Tokens via RPC. This will override the default add-on RPC methods for Token API and NFT Fetch Tool. Using these methods will cost 4 API credits per call.

This is the 2nd version of our Token and NFT RPC API. Get more accurate data with a streamlined API, with support for more chains.

Retrieving NFT metadata from the blockchain is tedious and time-consuming. Our NFT API does the heavy lifting for you across Ethereum and Polygon NFTs, making the data you need searchable and accessible.

Our Token API lets you easily look up ERC-20 tokens by wallet, token transfers, and token details instantly. No indexing required!

See https://www.quicknode.com/guides/quicknode-products/apis/how-to-migrate-token-and-nft-rpc-api-to-v2/ for more information on how to migrate from the Token or NFT RPC v1 add-on.

Using these methods will cost 4 API credits per call.
Base - $0/month
  • Base - $0/month
  • Token Balances

    Quickly fetch ERC-20 tokens and their balances within a specified wallet. You can also send in an array of ERC-20 contract addresses with your request to limit balance results to specific tokens.

  • Token Transactions

    Fetch a detailed history of incoming and outgoing transfers of a particular token within a wallet.

  • Fetch and Filter NFTs

    Quickly fetch comprehensive data for any NFT project on multiple chains.

  • Look up NFTs by Creator

    Easily retrieve NFTs by a given creator's address.

  • Retrieve NFTs by Collection

    Instantly access real-time data about all the NFTs within a collection, including traits and current owner with one simple API call.

  • Token Metadata

    Easily retrieve details about an ERC-20 token. You can look up tokens by contract address or token symbol.

  • Verify an NFT Owner

    Verify ownership regularly to prevent misrepresenting holders or granting gated access to the wrong user.

10 RPC Methods Included Chain & Network support
  • Ethereum logo

    mainnet and ethereum-sepolia

  • Polygon / MATIC


Add-on Information

Developer: QuickNode

Published: 3 months ago

Support email: support@quiknode.io

Support website: https://support.quicknode.com/hc/en-us