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Subgraph Hosting

by Satsuma

Save months of development time with a hosted subgraph indexer. Instead of focusing on backend development and devops, write a subgraph in < 1 hr and get a custom GraphQL API for your dApp.

Satsuma’s subgraph hosting enables you to generate custom GraphQL APIs for your dApp.

Projects like Decentraland, Aragon, and Treasure use Satsuma for our 99.9% uptime, 5x+ faster indexing, and 2x faster query response times.

Also, get additional features like metrics, performance insights, direct database access, data warehouse syncing, and more.
Standard - $300/month
  • Basic - $49/month
  • Standard - $300/month
  • Business - $949/month
  • Flexible Versioning

    Deploy and query multiple versions of your subgraph. Test features before going live and rollback instantly.

  • Advanced Metrics & Performance Insights

    Gain clarity into how your subgraph is performing with real-time indexing and query metrics. Debug why handlers are slow with Performance Insights.

  • Subgraph Indexing - Starter

    Includes: 3 subgraphs, 10M queries / mo, 25 queries / sec rate limit, 500K indexed entities / mo.

  • Uptime SLA

    99.9% uptime guarantee or we’ll refund you for downtime.

Chain & Network support
  • Arbitrum

    arbitrum-mainnet and arbitrum-goerli

  • Ethereum logo

    mainnet and ethereum-goerli

  • Gnosis


  • Optimistic Ethereum

    optimism and optimism-goerli

  • Polygon / MATIC

    matic and matic-testnet

  • Fantom


  • BNB Smart Chain

    bsc and bsc-testnet

  • Avalanche

    avalanche-mainnet and avalanche-testnet

Add-on Information

Developer: Satsuma

Published: About 2 months ago

Support email: support@satsuma.xyz

Support website: https://docs.satsuma.xyz/