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Unlock blockchain insights with QuickNode’s Label API, featuring Smart Labels for enhanced context, driving superior insights. Accessible via the QuickNode Marketplace, these labels revolutionize wallet and analytics innovations, streamlining data analysis for developers.

Introducing QuickNode’s Label API – the first public label API designed to help developers swiftly retrieve cohorts of addresses. Accessible through the QuickNode Marketplace, Smart Labels deliver enriched on-chain data, revolutionizing how developers analyze and utilize blockchain information. Popular dApp contracts are labeled and updated regularly, ensuring relevant data is consistently available.

Beta users will enjoy exclusive early access to future Smart Label releases, including the ability to use QuickAlerts and custom expressions from QuickAlert to create new, personalized labels accessible through our API.

The QuickNode Marketplace, offering Smart Labels integration, simplifies the process for developers to incorporate labels into their existing RPC calls and codebases. With the addition of Smart Labels, developers are empowered to extract actionable insights from the blockchain more efficiently and effectively.

Users can also submit requests for new labels at We encourage existing web3 projects to contribute their own labels, enhancing our collective knowledge.

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Published on May 3, 2023

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