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by Kolibrio Labs
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Advanced frontrunning and sandwich attacks protection for BNB and other chains with automated arbitrage recovery payouts.

Frontrunning and sandwich attacks can cause constant losses for your users due to higher price slippage. Meow is a secure multichain RPC endpoint that minimizes these risks by sending all transactions directly to block builders/validators.

Additionally, it automatically scans every transaction for potential non-malicious MEV profits and returns them to the transaction originator.

Here's how it works:

1. Users send transactions to the RPC endpoint via your app.
2. The RPC endpoint sends a transaction to a searchers auction for a potential non-malicious MEV profit checking. If an opportunity is detected, it matchmakes with a searcher who shares their backrunning and arbitrage profits with the transaction originator.
3. If no opportunity is detected, the transaction is sent privately to the block builders/validators, safeguarding users from front-running.

[Coming soon]

- Meow Dashboard with configuration options for payout address settings, auctions, revert protection, transaction stats, and more.
- Payout feature for Avax and other chains.

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Supported Chains

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BNB Smart Chain

Published on May 17, 2023

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Plans & features

Free - $0/month
  • Free - $0/month
Enterprise Sales
BNB Chain frontrunning protection
Sends transactions privately to validators to ensure they are not visible to sandwich bots in the public mempool.
Recovered MEV Payouts
Automatically detects and recovers non-malicious MEV profits, sending the payout back to the transaction originator.
Advanced BNB Chain and Ethereum support are available, with Avax and Layer 2 networks coming soon.