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LiveQuery offers a streamlined approach to blockchain analytics, through its SQL-based interface, allowing users to directly access data from a blockchain node without complex data pipelining.

LiveQuery is a powerful tool that enables you to query a blockchain node directly with SQL and remix that data with Flipside's curated blockchain data sets.

By writing SQL queries, users can directly access and retrieve specific information from the blockchain, eliminating the complexities of data pipelining. With real-time updates, simplified integration, and QuickNode's scalable infrastructure, LiveQuery empowers users to effectively analyze blockchain data for product development, analysis, and decision-making purposes.

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Supported Chains

Arbitrum Nova
BNB Smart Chain
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Optimistic Ethereum
Polygon zkEVM

Published on Jun 28, 2023

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Data Extraction and Custom Analysis
LiveQuery leverages custom SQL functions that enable users to efficiently extract data directly from blockchain nodes and remix that data with Flipside's curated data sets-- this includes retrieving historical and current contract state, real-time contract events, traces, and balances.
Real-time Updates
LiveQuery provides real-time access to blockchain data. As new blocks are added to the chain, users can immediately retrieve and analyze the latest information. This data can be combined with Flipside's curated historical data sets to provide a holistic, real-time view of activity.
Simplified Integration
LiveQuery is designed to be user-friendly and easy to integrate into existing workflows. If you know SQL, you know LiveQuery. With straightforward syntax and comprehensive documentation, developers and analysts can quickly understand and utilize these functions without significant overhead.
Scalability and Reliability
QuickNode's infrastructure ensures scalability and reliability for LiveQuery. With high-performance nodes and redundant architecture, users can confidently rely on QuickNode's services to handle large volumes of data and maintain consistent access to blockchain network data. This scalability is particularly crucial when dealing with popular and heavily utilized blockchains.