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Blocktorch - Blockchain observability

by blocktorch

A multichain observability platform for any smart contract. Access logs, metrics, and all the data you need easily and quickly.

Builders are delivering more and more complex dapps using Quicknode. But to maintain them they are losing time and effort looking for information and hopping between fragmented tools, blocktorch offers devs a delightful platform to dig into logs and metrics in seconds.
Developer - $69/month
  • Developer - $69/month
  • Smart contract auto track

    We integrated with Quicknode to track your smart contracts automatically. Whenever find out that you created a new smart contract you'll find it in blocktorch automatically and can enjoy all blocktorch features to understand the behavior of your smart contract.

  • Service Level Objectives (SLOs)

    Set metric based Service Level Objectives (SLOs) to have the right alerts, delivered to the right person at the right time.

  • Elasticsearch for transaction and event logs

    Leverage advanced search features to find Digg into the logs behind your smart contracts.

  • Analytics overview

    Whenever you ontegrate a smart contract with blocktorch, you'll get a automatic overview over relevant metrics in the overview.

  • Premium support

    When buying blocktorch through Quicknode marketplace, you get premium support during business hours to answer all your questions and help you observe any smart contract in supported networks.

  • SSO integration

Chain & Network support
  • Polygon / MATIC


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Add-on Information

Developer: blocktorch

Published: 9 months ago

Support email: support@blocktorch.xyz

Support website: https://discord.com/invite/5PdvH58gbj