dApp health & performance monitoring

by Blocktorch
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A multichain observability platform for the full stack of your decentralized application. Access logs, metrics, and all the data you need easily and quickly.

Builders are delivering more and more complex dapps using Quicknode. But to maintain them they are losing time and effort looking for information and hopping between fragmented tools, blocktorch offers devs a delightful platform to dig into logs and metrics in seconds.

Supported Chains

BNB Smart Chain
Ethereum logo
Optimistic Ethereum
Polygon / MATIC

Published on Sep 21, 2022

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Plans & features

Starter - $9/month
  • Starter - $9/month
  • Pro - $69/month
  • Business - $249/month
  • Enterprise - $888/month
Enterprise Sales
SSO Integration
Simplified login through single sign-on
Unlimited custom monitors
Create metrics for any event and log data, across your on-chain and off-chain stack. Create as many metrics as you like.
Automated datasource detection and integration
Any smart contract deployed by using your QuickNode API endpoints will be auto-detected and added to your Blocktorch dashboard. 0 set-up and integration time required from your side.
Indexed smart contract metrics
Scalable smart contract event indexing pipeline including metrics. No need to index and build a pipeline yourself.
Out of the box smart contract insights dashboards
Get the insights into your smart contracts through the most used metrics after the integration of each contract without any set up effort
Cross-chain log explorer
Search through and filter all the logs and traces from your smart contracts and off-chain data sources right in blocktorch. Stop hopping between block explorers to find the right data.
Single user
Use blocktorch solely by yourself
Real time on-chain and off-chain event data
Get event data from smart contracts as well as your dApps frontend in real time.
Community Support
Get support through the blocktorch discord community