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Blockchain Risk API

by Arda

Arda is a crypto scam & risk defense API. Our APIs provide details about different risks when signing a transaction or a EIP-712 message

Our product helps detect on-chain fraud and risks across security risks (smart contract hacks, infinite approvals, etc.), fraud & scams (phishing attacks, rug pulls, malicious domains, etc.), and economic risks (liquidity crunch, impermanent loss, token depegs, etc.)
Developer - $25/month
  • Developer - $25/month
  • Pro - $50/month
  • Enterprise - $90/month
  • 5 Requests Per Second

    Rate limited to 5 requests per second.

  • 250K API Calls / month

    Total API calls allowed to the API per month.

  • Message Risk Profiles

    Before signing a EPI-712 message, we will tell you about the risks profiles like seaport NFT thefts, long duration approvals, malicious permit2 approvals, etc.

  • Transaction Risk Profiles

    Before signing a transaction, we will tell you about the risks involved with approving the transactions like malicious counterparty, infinite approvals, unverified contracts, token depegs, etc.

2 RPC Methods Included Chain & Network support
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Add-on Information

Developer: Arda

Published: 3 months ago

Support email: engineering@arda.finance

Support website: https://www.arda.finance/